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am I?

[angry] barely, [arrogant] i can be sometimes, regrettably; [assertive] learning hard but yeah i can be; [attractive] you tell me; [calm] way too much sometimes; [careless] nevermore; [childish] of course! ;-); [content] yes; [crazy] oh yes i try; [creative] hope so!; [difficult] yes of course but i like compromises; [economical] i can be (rarely...); [emotionally stable] me? suppose at most times i am?; [focused] on things i care; [friendly] depends, i usually am; [forgiving] too easy (what pisses me off sometimes); [happy] mostly at times, trying; [hard working] depends but i don't neglect my responsibilities; [healthy] yes, except for the small allergies (spring is not my fav part of year); [helpful] yes, definitely; [honest] everybody lies; [ignored] no, i hope; [ill] rarely; [impatient] depends on the situation; [independent] finally yes; [insecure] rather not; [interesting] hope so; [lazy] let me just say that Garfield is my hero at weekends; [messy] a bit but every madness has its own system ;-); [moody] yes but not above the average; [optimistic] mostly; [organized] my post-it stickers are; [paranoid] no; [pensive] sometimes; [quick-tempered] almost never; [radical] always try to reach a compromise; [rational] definitely yes; [responsible] trying hard; [revengeful] in mind, never in actions; [self-disciplined] still trying; [shy] a bit; [sleepy] always until 11 on saturdays. do NOT call me.; [smart] yes, i like to think so; [spirited] not at all; [talkative] not from the start, i'm a listener type; [tolerant] yes; [trusting] not really; [understanding] i try to be (no when it goes with stupidity); [vindictive] naaah. 'a person can only rise so high. now I'm rising above, but there's a ceiling and I'm about to hit it' (taken from grey's anatomy)


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